What is the steel industry?
The iron and steel industry contributes primarily to the production of construction materials, all vehicles such as automotive, ships, aircraft, railways and wagons, and all imaginable machinery, devices and goods.
What is the raw material of iron and steel?
The main raw material of the iron and steel industry is iron ore. In order for a mine to be considered as an ore, its operation and use must be economical. It is desired that the blend grade of iron ores used in the steel industry is at least 57% Fe.
Which mine is used in iron and steel factories?
Iron and Steel Industry: Today, the most used area of olivine is the iron and steel industry. In this industry, olivine is used as a melter and slag regulator in blast furnaces. Iron ore and coke are used for steel production in blast furnaces.
What can be made of iron?
Iron is the most widely used metal in many sectors (automotive, white goods, construction, etc.) around the world. Since the mechanical properties of pure iron are low, iron alloys are generally preferred in production. The most commonly used iron alloys are cast iron and steel.
What are the types of steel?
Steels are divided into four main classes according to the carbon content they contain: low carbon steels, medium carbon steels, high carbon steels and high carbon tool steels.
How is iron obtained?
Ferrous metal is obtained from iron ores and is rarely found in nature in elemental form. To obtain metallic iron, impurities in the ore must be removed by chemical reduction. Iron is actually used to make steel, which can be largely considered a carbonaceous alloy.